#MyArlo Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors
Arlo & Sons are specialists with 10+ years’ experience in interior design operating across multiple platforms including manufacturing, retail and online. Providing an honest and fair working relationship with our suppliers, new homeowners and brand ambassadors in an atmosphere where families can experience the pride and satisfaction of designing their home.

As a product services based company with an interest in the sociocultural environment we are fortunate to be a member of the forward thinking generation. Arlo & Sons is a business which is primarily focusing on building a process which changes the label of interior design in the upcoming years.
In a century whereby social media marketing has taken over the new identity of marketing as an overall, we are thereby implementing a new business idea which could help us all benefit from. We are aiming our business proposal to entrepreneurs like yourselves (Social Media Influencers/ Product Collaborators).

What we are offering to our Ambassadors

· Up to 10% commission on all referred sales
(starting at 5% and increasing as achievable targets are hit)

· Each ambassador will have his/hers own unique promo code, which will identify your referrals.

· Automatic notification, once your referral purchases the product. This ensures transparency and allows you to easily track your commissions.

· Commission statements will be sent via email at the end of each month.

· VAT and delivery charges do not qualify for commission.

· Exclusive discounts applied to our range of products.

· Commissions will be paid 10 days after the commission statement is sent to you. (Within 30 days of the order being placed, to ensure that the 14 day return/refund policy has passed as refunds/returns do not qualify for commission.
· Exclusive invites to our all-expenses paid brand launch events/parties!
· Free gifts and Arlo & Sons branded clothing!
    How this benefits our customers
    · Up to 50 % off products
    · 10% off with each promo code
    ·  Connecting with their fav celebs / influencers


      We are a friendly bunch and we are happy to help with any questions you may have. All you have to do is just email Jennifer Stevens (Ambassador Relationship Manager) at Jenifer@arloandsons.co.uk

      Join us and become our ambassadors and reap the rewards!